Kvichak Marine Industries delivers green

Kvichak Marine Industries has recently delivered  three 72’ (22m) all weather fast pilot boats designed by Camarc Design Ltd., UK for the Dutch Pilotage Organization, Loodswezen.  P/V Aquila, P/V Draco and P/V Orion are being shipped to Europe with delivery expected in late July.  The vessels will be in full operation in the ports along the Dutch coast after crew member training.
These environmentally friendly vessels meet the stringent emission regulations set by the authorities of the Port of Rotterdam.  Two, already very clean, Tier II compliant Caterpillar ACERT C32 engines power the boat, coupled to ZF 3050 marine gears driving Hamilton 651 water jets.  This combination allows for excellent maneuverability and a top speed of ~28.5 knots fully loaded.  
Each boat is equipped with an exhaust after treatment system; a Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) and a diesel particulate filter system (DPF).   The emissions reduction technology is provided Hug Engineering in Switzerland and supplied and serviced through Soottech in the Netherlands. 
The SCR system injects a urea based mixture downstream of the engine exhaust outlets into the dry exhaust piping. With the aid of a catalyst the urea combines with nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and reduces them into nitrogen gas (N2) and water (H20). The DPF collects the unburnt soot and with the addition of another catalyst takes the carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), and particulate soot and converts these into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H20). Normal running exhaust temperatures are high enough to achieve an almost complete burn of these captured soot particles.  The emission performance will have a reduction of 98 percent of particulate matter and 60 percent reduction of NOx, fulfilling all new requirements by IMO and EU guidelines.  
Additional vessel features include:
  • Overall length – 75.1’ (22.8)
  • Beam, over guard – 22.3’ (5.8m)
  • Draft (RFS) – 3.6’ (1.1m)
  • Fuel capacity – 1200 gallons (4700l)
  • Pop-Safe fendering
  • Rescue platform 
  • Seating:  3 operators & 12 pilots
  • Floating & removable house
By Professional Mariner Staff