CWWS provides immediate solutions in compliance

IRVINE, CA (October 15, 2009) ─ The U.S. Coast Guard has issued the final revision of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 33, Part 155, implementing the International Maritime Organization resolution MEPC.107(49). In support for the marine and offshore markets, Coffin World Water Systems (CWWS) announces they can immediately provide two options that are fully certified and exceed MEPC.107(49) compliance standards.

The U.S.C.G. CFR states that for oily water separators installed on ships after 2004, the system must meet current standards to be approved. The approval for any OWS certified after January 1, 2005, using an alternative other than MEPC.107(49) expired on March 17, 2009. This resolution applies to U.S.-flagged vessels and/or foreign-flagged vessels entering U.S. waters.

Significant, immediate changes in CRF 33, Part 155 include:
The requirement that all Oily Water Separators and Oil Content Monitors installed after 2004 be certified to MEPC.107(49). Vessel owners must install equipment meeting the new requirements by one of two dates, 1) the date of the vessel’s first drydock following October 13, 2009, or 2) for those vessels going into international service for the first time since January 2005, the date of its first survey prior to receiving its International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) certificate.
Termination of MEPC.60(33) certification for any OWS manufacturer on March 17, 2009.

To assist vessels in becoming compliant immediately, Coffin World Water Systems (CWWS) offers two options that are fully certified and exceed MEPC.107(49) compliance standards. The first solution is to replace the existing OWS with an ULTRA-SEPâ„¢ Oily Water Separator system. The second solution is an upgrade kit for existing HELI-SEP® Oily Water Separators. The SPIR-O-LATOR® Upgrade Kit converts existing HELI-SEP units to an ULTRA-SEP Oily Water Separator certified to IMO MEPC.107(49) requirements.

Both solutions utilize proprietary SPIR-O-LATOR Membrane Technology, the only technology that provides a Positive Physical Barrier to prevent oil discharge. The SPIR-O-LATOR technology exceeds U.S. Coast Guard standards, by reliably and continuously producing clean water with oil content less than 5 ppm. System benefits include:

Guaranteed less than 5ppm oil content in overboard discharge
One-year system warranty and three-year SPIR-O-LATOR Membrane warranty
Easy maintenance, clean-in-place capabilities and semi-automatic operation
Low operating costs, with no chemical or biological by-products
Satisfies requirements where overboard discharge of less than 5ppm oil applies

The SPIR-O-LATOR Upgrade Kits can be installed while underway, minimizing disruptions or time spent in a shipyard. All components can fit through existing doorways, hatchways and into tight spaces. The upgrade kit utilizes existing onboard HELI-SEP separators, with the removal of obsolete components. The Upgrade Kit contains all the required material for the conversion, including: SPIR-O-LATOR Membranes, Control Module, process pump, process filter and user friendly instruments. Also included is a new MEPC.107(49) certified oil content monitor. Detailed instructions are included and each upgraded unit carries a Coffin World Water Systems warranty as well as the USCG MEPC.107 (49) Certificate.

The SPIR-O-LATOR Upgrade kit is available for all HELI-SEP models, from the compact 0.5 m3/h HS500 to the large 10.0 m3/h HS10000.

Vessel owners and operators that are not yet compliant with MEPC 107(49) are strongly advised to contact CWWS to discuss an appropriate solution. Contact David Evans at 949/777-3721, e-mail or visit CWWS here.

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By Professional Mariner Staff