Uni-Safe Electronics announces new Bridge Watch Alarm system

The following is a press release from Uni-Safe Electronics:
New Bridge Watch Alarm System – BW-800
Our new Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System BW-800 is under development and will be available on the market in summer 2009. The purpose of the bridge watch alarm system is to ensure the continuous monitoring of the bridge operator’s fitness during “one man bridge” operations. The bridge watch alarm is produced in accordance with international and Danish laws for “one man bridge” operation, e.g. IMO resolution A830. The product is currently being tested for IMO approval.
New IMO Requirements
New regulations from IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) will require carriage of a Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) complying with IMO performance standards. For existing ships, the equipment should be installed in connection with the first survey after the following deadlines:
* Existing passenger ships and ships over 3,000 GT: 1 July 2012
* Existing ships over 500 GT: 1 July 2013
* Existing ships over 150 GT: 1 July 2014
* New ships over 150 GT and all new passenger ships constructed after 1 July 2011 shall be equipped with a Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System
Success in Denmark with Bridge Watch Alarm System BW-700 
In 2004, the Danish company Uni-Safe Electronics A/S introduced a unique bridge watch alarm system called BW-700 and with more than 600 units sold, it certainly has been a great success in Denmark. The idea of developing the BW-700 system was to make it small and easy to install, advanced, yet easy to operate and comfortable for the user in everyday life.
Next Salinometer Generation in 4th Quarter 2009 
We aim to launch a new Salinometer in the 4th quarter of 2009. With the new Salinometer generation it will be it possible to increase the length of the cable between the Salinometer and the electrode unit up to 100 meters. The idea is to transfer some of the electronic components from the Salinometer into the electrode unit. Furthermore, both the electrode and the cable will be less sensitive to external elements such as transients ect. 
15th Anniversary 1 December 2008 
Uni-Safe Electronics celebrated its 15th anniversary on 1st December 2008. With 15 years of experience in the Maritime Business, Uni-Safe Electronics is distributing their products to more than 35 countries world wide and still gaining new customers from all over the globe. 
Uni-Safe Electronics assign a high priority to providing customers with good service and can supply to the market at short notice. 
Gazelle Award 
Once again the company has been awarded a Gazelle Diploma, certifying that Uni-Safe Electronics is among the 2.475 Danish companies identified as a Gazelle company. 
Uni-Safe Electronics A/S is a leading supplier of marine safety equipment and electronics exporting to more than 35 countries worldwide. Uni-Safe Electronics develop and produce freshwater salinometers and bridge watch alarms and in addition, we market a wide range of quality products within safety equipment and electronic communication
By Professional Mariner Staff