Transas completes the modernization of Lithuanian GMDSS

September 2009 — Klaipeda (Lithuania). ). Transas Scandinavia AB, presented by Transas Baltic SIA, together with Transas Technologies and local partner Belam-Riga SIA has recently finalized modernization of Maritime Rescue Control Center (MRCC) Klaipeda including Lithuanian part of GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System).

The project of modernization of MRCC Klaipeda and infrastructure of Lithuanian part of GMDSS was initiated by Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Lithuanian GMDSS is a National Scale solution and is intended for use in interests of Lithuanian Armed Forces in SAR operations and sea border monitoring. The system consists of 1 control center in Klaipeda and 4 remote sites and covers whole GMDSS zone of responsibility of Lithuania.

The scope of modernization included re-equipment of sites, establishment of a new control center and re-organization of communication system. The complexity of the task is characterized by the need not only to supply and install new equipment, but also to relocate and integrate already existing equipment into the modernized system.

The main task was to provide 24/7 monitoring service using CCTV, VHF and MF/HF supporting both Voice and DSC communication channels. As a result of the project, respective Lithuanian sub-departments are able to react immediately in case of emergency situations on board of ships in GMDSS’s responsibility zone. Systems coverage zone and structure is performed in compliance with international requirements.

The GMDSS project is very important for Transas and is unique in its own way as it involves complex development and modernization of GMDSS of a national scale. Transas is proud to announce its successful accomplishment.

Rimantas Barauskas, the Chief of Lithuanian Navy Sea and Coastal Surveillance Service comments on the project: “During execution of contracted obligations Transas has demonstrated high quality of management, professional installation team and local communication with the customer. Since May, when the system was commissioned, we had no technical problems with the solution provided and are satisfied with support given by Transas locally”.

About Transas
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By Professional Mariner Staff