KASI Malaysia extends its R&D capabilities with a brand new simulator from Transas

August 2009 — Malaysia. Transas Marine Pacific has been awarded a contract by KASI (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a marine survey, inspection and consulting service provider to deliver a multifunctional simulator Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 which will be focused on R&D applications. Tender award was based on a comprehensive market study that found the research and development capabilities of Transas Navigational Simulator NTPro 5000 the most advanced in the market and meeting their project requirements best. Another winning factor was KASI’s successful experience with Transas VTMS system installed in the Port of Sapangar Bay, Sabah, East Malaysia. The contract adds to the success of Transas in Asia where it confidently holds more than 50% of the professional marine simulation market.

The simulator will upgrade an old system and provide KASI Malaysia with powerful tools to assess the effectiveness of safety improvement planning of port and harbour facilities and to test and train in safe handling of ships. This will enhance the company’s professional, high quality and cost-effective consulting in the areas of marine, river and harbour development, marine traffic study, navigation safety, and marine security.

The multi-functional simulator will comprise a full-mission bridge simulator with a 240° horizontal field of view and a pelorus, and additional tug bridge with 180° horizontal field of view. The flexible configuration of the tug bridge enables cost effective training on different types of tugs. This is provided with the help of removable tug controls.

The R&D suite includes 3D database editing tool Model Wizard, ship hydrodynamic model development package Virtual Ship Yard and a 3D current analysis and forecasting software Cardinal. The latter is one of the recently added functionalities of the simulator. Cardinal program is used for a high precision modelling of the current distribution within a certain area. The modelling is based on 3D depth data, known water flows (like river income or tidal function) and meteorological parameters (wind, pressure etc.).

It is worth mentioning that KASI Malaysia will enjoy all the benefits of the new generation Transas Bridge Simulator such as the improved real-time radar picture generation with a new level of accuracy and realism, new highly realistic Seagull visualization system with a complex wave model (wind generated and sea swell waves), scene reflections and light refractions, new instructor station interface and tools for training and debriefing and many more.

Capt. Walter J. Nair, KASI (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Managing Director is very optimistic about a new simulator: “With the unrivalled R&D capabilities of the new simulator from Transas, KASI Malaysia will be able to raise its services to an ever higher standard.”

KASI Malaysia was incorporated in 1979 as a marine consultancy and surveying company in Kota Kinabalu. They are also an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Having had more than 29 years operational experience in Malaysian ports, KASI’s staff consultants are conversant with the navigational disciplines of the various ports and harbours.

Over the last 10 years, KASI has established a reputation for high-quality and comprehensive studies in Marine Consulting, especially in the areas of Marine Traffic Risk Analysis, Navigation Studies, Marine Impact Assessments and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code implementation.

KASI are also providers of Marine Technologies such as VTMS, AtoNs and Coastal Surveillance Systems. Their successful foray into this market began with the successful design, build, installation, testing and commissioning of a Transas VTMS System at Sapangar Bay Port, Kota-Kinabalu. They aim to build on this by setting up similar installations in Malaysia.

KASi Malaysia are aiming to expand its Consulting and Marine Technologies business into markets throughout the Asia Pacific region.

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