Transas Navi-Radar 4000 MFD is certified in accordance with a new standard IEC 62388

September 2009 – Transas Navi-Radar 4000 MFD v.2.00.010 (MNS29) has gone through certification process by QinetiQ and received Type approval in conformity with a new standard IEC 62388.

Compliant with latest IMO and IEC standards, Navi-Radar 4000 performs all the functions of radar and ARPA and overlays electronic charts and AIS targets on a radar picture. Navi-Radar 4000 MFD can be used as back-up arrangement for ECDIS.

New version of Navi-Radar by Transas is a product of brilliant engineering thought combined with rich experience in marine navigation. Relying on customer’s feedback, Transas is able to offer an outstanding solution, perfectly satisfying needs of seafarers in safe navigation in a best possible way.

Core of the Transas radar system is new 24VDC low power consumption and compact size reliable hardware (Transas series 6) that perfectly fits for any type of the vessels when supplied with variety of up mast and down mast transceivers and antennas from 4 up to 12 feet.
Beside enhanced video performance and system overall stability to the list of new Navi-Radar features is reckoned improved radar algorithms including D3D video acceleration for trails presentation, which enables to save trails when switching modes. Graphical interface has undergone certain changes: information order on the main screen became more convenient for perception including new skins – “Carbone†& “Blue†and grouped in strict requirements of performance standard at the same time. New rules of symbol presentation according to IEC 62388 are reflected in this product.

A visible distinctive feature of new Navi-Radar is that it is made as a separate device with receiving-transmitting equipment as opposed to the system board in computer, which existed earlier.

Successfully completed certification among others is a good evidence to Transas continued commitment to research & development resulting in high-quality, reliable systems delivered to customers worldwide.

About Transas
Transas (TRANsport SAfety Systems) is a world-leading developer and supplier of a wide range of software, integrated solutions and hardware technologies for the marine industry, including both onboard and shore-based applications. Transas offers technologically advanced solutions for Maritime security services, Shipping companies and ship operators, Naval and Coast Guard organisations, Training and educational centers, Port and harbor administrations, Governmental, municipal and local authorities and administrations, Environmental services and institutions, as well as OEM partners.
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By Professional Mariner Staff