St. Johns Ship Building launches vocational training program

(PALATKA, Fla.) — St. Johns Ship Building has introduced a comprehensive vocational training program designed to cultivate a variety of sought-after marine and shipbuilding crafts and trades. The program will be progressively rolled out, with each stage focusing on different skill sets and time frames.

The initial six-week course aims to provide workers with the essential skills required in the industry. After completing this foundational program, participants will transition into multi-year, on-the-job apprenticeships, allowing them to further develop and master their chosen crafts. Starting with welding and shipfitting trades, the program will eventually expand to encompass other relevant disciplines.

St. Johns Ship Building photo

Combining both classroom instruction and hands-on experience, the training program offers paid opportunities for candidates throughout its duration.

“We hope that St. John’s can play a crucial role in introducing shipbuilding crafts to hundreds of qualified candidates in the coming years,” said Ed Sheets, executive vice president of Americraft Marine Group. “Expanding our workforce is not only vital for the long-term success of our industry but also provides SJSB with the unique advantage of training future employees on our own campus. This enables them to align their skill development with the adoption of the culture and values we believe are essential for a high-performing team.”

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– St. Johns Ship Building

By Rich Miller