Rose Point Releases Pilot Add-On

Redmond, WA, – July 10, 2009, Rose Point Navigation Systems, the leading supplier of navigation software for pilots and operators of light commercial vessels, today announced the release of a new Pilot Display Add-on for Rose Point ECS. Many commercial pilots carry aboard a Laptop and use it as a Portable Pilot Unit. They use Rose Point ECS to connect to the pilot plug data stream and display real time navigation on up-to-date NOAA charts. The software processes AIS and GPS information to calculate important events, such as passing points and closest point of approach (CPA). The software also possesses other popular features such as: the voyage recorder, a predictor that displays position based on rate of turn, variable route leg cross track limit display, channel passing arrangements, own- ship vessel data updating, among many others.
The new Pilot Display Add-on includes a graphical window that displays pilotage information that is large, clear, and easy to read from a distance.  The display shows: heading, course over ground (COG), speed over ground (SOG) and a graphical cross track error indicator. Users can adjust the size of the text by adjusting the size of the window; doing so ensures that the information can be viewed from a great distance. Pilots often use this information as they walk around the bridge of a vessel, preferring to use data from their own system which they are more familiar with. The new Pilot Add-on enables pilots to concentrate on navigating; because they know they will always be able to get accurate information from a familiar, known system, rather than relying on data conveyed by crew members or unfamiliar systems already onboard the vessel. It creates a comfort level previously unavailable and allows the pilots to focus on their tasks.
The new Add-on technology enables Rose Point to quickly and easily add new functionality and modify the user experience without changing, or updating the core program. “The ability to release new features without altering the core program decreases the time it takes to address industry specific requirements.†said Jeff Hummel Director of Sales and Marketing at Rose Point. “We are frequently asked to make customer or industry specific changes related to things that might only assist a specific group of users. Adding all of the features to the program would make it difficult to use, due to the sheer number of options.†said Hummel.  Users are able to add options they choose, and ignore things that they do not need. The new technology increases product reliability and reduces testing requirements when new features are added. “Now we can offer a wide range of features without compromising the legendary rock solid reliability that users experience every day.â€
Rose Point ECS is used by many pilots and pilot organizations throughout the US and the world because of its reputation for ease of use and reliability. Rose Point Navigations Systems is a leading developer of PC based navigation systems and produces Coastal Explorer and Rose Point ECS. The company was founded in 2003, by Brad Christian, an ex-Microsoft developer and is located in Redmond, Washington. The software is also sold under license to a number of companies around the world, is currently available in 5 different languages and a variety of product names.
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By Professional Mariner Staff