Resolve Marine hires new managers to expand overseas

The following is the text of a press release issued by Resolve Marine Group:
(FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.) — RESOLVE Marine Group of Fort Lauderdale, one of the US’ major Marine Emergency Response, Salvage and Fire Fighting experts, is to develop its expertise on a more global basis and has recruited a number of key personnel into its company to achieve this aim.
Bob Umbdenstock, marine industry executive and consultant with international
management experience in heavy salvage, wreck removal and environmental protection,
has joined the company to develop and market the emergency response capabilities
RESOLVE offers to ship owners and managers wishing to comply with statutory
planning requirements, namely OPA 90, in the US and elsewhere in the world. A
graduate of Dartmouth College and former US Navy salvage officer, he has been a
special casualty representative (SCR) for Lloyds Open Form with SCOPIC.
While Joe Farrell III, son and namesake of the current RESOLVE Group President, also
joins the company. Joe is a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy where he
earned a BSc degree in marine engineering. He recently graduated from the Florida
Institute of Technology with an MSc in Ocean Engineering and with a concentrate in
Naval Architecture.
They join a number of other recent key appointments to the RESOLVE Group
including Capt. Rich Habib, Senior Salvage Master and Bill Crothers, Group Chief
Financial Officer.
Rich brings over 30 years of experience in the Marine Industry. Rich is a Master
Mariner with a background in heavy lift vessels. A Salvage Master for many years, he
has been successful in a series of significant salvages and wreck removals throughout
the world and is known throughout the industry as one of the premier Salvage
Masters. He graduated from the US Coast Guard Academy in 1977 and has a degree in
Physical Oceanography.
Bill brings 20+ years of financial and accounting experience with national and regional
public accounting firms at a time when strategic plans for worldwide growth and
unsteady economic times requires careful planning and financial acumen. He is a
graduate of the Colgate University with a degree in economics and has been a Florida
Certified Public Accountant since 1993.
According to Joe Farrell, Jr, President of RESOLVE, the company, over the last 28 years,
has grown to be at the forefront of OPA 90 oil response work in the US and is the main
responder for over 6,000 vessels visiting US ports.
He added: “These ship owners, with the majority of them being foreign operators,
know and understand our capability so it is a logical move to expand this business
model worldwide to the same clientele who choose to use us as their main emergency
responder in the US.
“To do this, we need the right personnel and I am fortunate to have had marvellous
people in the team and more wanting to join us. It is a win/win for everybody,†he
The above team compliments RESOLVE Marine Group’s inâ€house personnel, which
includes a complete staff of salvage masters, naval architects, salvage engineers, divers,
fire fighters, equipment operators and technicians.
For Further Information, please contact:
Joseph E. Farrell. Jr, President, Resolve Marine
(US) Tel: +1 (954) 764 8700
+1 (954) 410 4536 (cell)
Elaborate Communications, Sean Moloney /
Debbie Munford
(UK) Tel: +44 (0) 1296 682356
Notes for Editors:
RESOLVE Marine Group is a multiâ€faceted marine services group specialising in
Marine Salvage, Fire & Hazard Response, and Wreck Removal worldwide.
RESOLVE Marine Group is a major ʺOil Pollution Act of 1990ʺ (OPA 90) service
provider in US waters with over 28 years experience in major marine salvage. Its
operating ethos of rapid and professional response ensures its success rate is among
the best in the business.
It has earned a reputation for tackling unique, complex, and challenging projects that
other contractors shy away from. RESOLVE is a founding member of the American
Salvage Association and a member of the International Salvage Union.
RESOLVE maintains an extensive inventory of emergency response equipment in
warehouses in Fort Lauderdale, FL; Mobile, AL; and Long Beach, CA, in addition to a
fleet of floating assets, which are mainly focused towards emergency salvage and fire
fighting. Additionally highly trained dive teams heavily compliment the company’s
salvage efforts by providing underwater support in the way of hull inspections,
underwater access fuel removal and underwater salvage and lightering preparation
The following are fully owned subsidiaries of RESOLVE Marine Group:
The focus of RESOLVE Towing and Salvage, Inc. lies in its numerous salvage and
lightering projects as well as all of its wreck removal ventures. This company operates
the Group’s various salvage barges, tugboats, and equipment geared to meet the
challenges of any salvage or wreck removal project anywhere in the world.
RESOLVE Marine Services, Inc., is responsible for handling special projects and
artificial reef work. It has placed more vessels on the ocean floor for the purpose of
artificial reefing than any other company in existence.
RESOLVE Fire and Hazard Response is the allâ€inclusive, oneâ€stop answer to shipboard
fire fighting, hazardous material response, and safety. Additionally, this company is
responsible for training more than 1,700 personnel per year (16,000 to date) in
shipboard fire fighting and hazmat response, as well as other maritime certification
By Professional Mariner Staff