Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering Corp.’s new series of high-speed AT/B’s is now available.

The first three designs of the extensively model-tested “Rapid Class†AT/B series will be an container carrier of 12,500 DWT, a 30,000 DWT chemical carrier AT/B and an LPG carrier for U. S. interests. The design feathers near-ship speeds with ship-like horsepower and is a great advance in AT/B design.

Developed jointly with Taisei Engineering, and employing the Articouple connection system, the new vessels are ideally suited to services where higher speeds with high value cargo can help offset the slightly greater build cost of the unique shapes of the tug and barge.

The container AT/B is designed to fulfill requirements set out for the U.S. initiatives on coastal shipping but is also fully ocean-capable. The unit has a speed of 14.5 knots at only 7,000 HP

The 30,000 DWT chemical carrier has a speed of 16. knots with only 13,500 HP.

The LPG carrier will be a 16 knot vessel with 11,000 HP.

The RAPID CLASS AT/B covers a speed range from 14 to 17 knots, and a deadweight range from 5,100 to 52,000 MT (5,018 MT to 51,168 MT) and joins the “COSTWISE CLASS†and the “COASTAL CLASS†AT/B’s to provide a trio of AT/B designs covering a range of speed, horsepower and build cost. The COSTWISE CLASS covers the speed range of 13-14 knots, while the COASTAL CLASS covers the speed range of 10-12 knots.

With the full range of speeds and configurations available, and Owner can cover any range of speed/fuel/emissions/capacity desired in an AT/B, from OT&BE’s “PROVIDER CLASS†platform supply and offshore workboat, up through 500,000 BBL capacity AT/B crude oil shuttle AT/B’s.

The “RAPID CLASS†is among the latest innovative designs from Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering Corp., a long established firm whose focus is AT/B, or Articulated Tug/Barge design.

Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering Corp., was founded in 1993, and is located in Milford, MA. The firm has had a hand in either the design or refit engineering of dozens of the AT/B’s operational or under design in the United States. The firm has recently expanded into the International arena, with contracts for two overseas customers. The firm’s President is the co-inventor of the INTERCON system, but the firm designs AT/B’s using all popular AT/B connection systems, and in 2007, established a formal relationship with Taisei Engineering for joint development of AT/B designs.

Rapid Model Test


By Professional Mariner Staff