Nobeltec wins the NMEA award for "Computer Based Software"

NMEA is the National Marine Electronics Association and every year, it recognizes companies that have demonstrated innovation and excellence. NMEA sets the standard for the marine industry by selecting the products that have stood out from competitors in terms of functionality, usability and quality.
These annual awards are very important to both companies in the marine industry and to end-users alike. Customers can feel reassured when a product has won an award from this unbiased and respected organization.
Nobeltec was represented at the NMEA conference in San Diego last week by our Chief Technical Officer Iker Pryszo, as well as our Sales Manager Rodell Razor.
Iker accepted this prestigious award for Computer Based Software on behalf of Nobeltec, which honored our product TimeZero App for iPad, based on the revolutionary TimeZero technology. This fast chart engine allows the user to pan and zoom extremely quickly, resulting in a very comfortable user experience.

As well as being user-friendly and fast, the Nobeltec TimeZero App also includes a range of very useful navigation features:
    •    Position on the raster chart
    •    Course (COG) & speed (SOG)
    •    Routes and marks
    •    Real-time local weather and weather trends
    •    Navigation in 2D or 3D Perspective
    •    Tides and Currents database
For more information about what this product offers, please use the Quick Links below:


Chart Coverage
Satellite Photo Coverage
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We look forward to the start of a new season in the marine sector, and plan to continue developing high-quality navigation solutions in the year to come.

By Professional Mariner Staff