Markey Offers Hybrid Technology as Standard Option

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA — May 1, 2011— Markey Machinery has released its HYBRID power regeneration feature as a standard option for new Render-RecoverTM equipped electric winches.
Following a long tradition of solid innovation, Markey first integrated its DEPGF-42 HYBRID Electric Hawser Winch into Foss Maritime’s HYBRID Carolyn Dorothy in 2009. Since then, the operational capability, and environmental efficiency of the Carolyn Dorothy exceeds all expectations.
Maritime websites and journals currently offer many articles about the high points of the successful blending of two proven technologies. The number of DEPGF-42 winches deployed in Foss Maritime’s fleet clearly indicates their level of satisfaction with Markey’s product.
Results of University of California—Riverside’s study of the Carolyn Dorothy’s operations in San Pedro Bay underscore the environmental and operational efficiency of blended HYBRID winches and tugs.
The dramatic November 2010 rescue of the stranded cruise ship Carnival Splendor by the Markey equipped SMBC Monterrey, provides a dramatic exclamation mark emphasizing the underlying strength and controllability of Markey’s next generation technology. 
Markey is involved in projects and proposals originating from around the world and many diverse industries. Current focus includes the dynamically changing LNG industry. The new demands for safe LNG open water transportation, the need for fuel efficient operation, and requirement for strength, power, and controllability of operation are now standard options of Markey’s new 21st century HYBRID electric winch offerings.
Founded in 1907, Markey Machinery is the leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality custom deck machinery for workboat, scientific, and dockside applications. Markey’s products include towing, ship-assist, and escort winches; single or multi-drum and traction-style deep sea research winches; capstans, windlasses and other high performance machines. J.H. Menge 
By Professional Mariner Staff