Advanced Single Drum A&R Winch – Markey Engineers New Abandonment and Recovery Winches

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA — March 31, 2011— Markey Machinery introduces its new line of innovative Abandonment and Recovery (A&R) winches in time for the 2011 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). Development of Markey’s technologically advanced A&R winches was facilitated through partnership with a world-wide service provider operating a fleet of marine vessels. Compared to typical traction winches, Markey’s new A&R machines are significantly more cost effective in operation and maintenance requirements, thus making them perfect for oil field services such as maintenance, repair, and decommissioning.
Markey’s type DEPS-76AR (see illustration) is a single drum, direct-pull type winch with level wind designed to work 3,300 meters of 4-3/4 inch (120mm) diameter wire rope. Redundant vector-motors developing 1,750 horsepower (1,310 kW) turn the drum through an induction hardened helical transmission. AC-variable frequency drives produce retrieval speeds of 32 m/ minute and enabling unsurpassed torque control down to zero speed. Markey’s renowned automatic Render/Recover controls tame peak loads while pulling in 450Tm- over cable weight. The power and control needed to get the job done on time and under budget.
The logistical demands of offshore oil and gas service-provider’s operations produced distinctive features – beginning with this machine’s mechanical arrangement. The form of the DEPS is single drum- direct pull style of winch. Traction heads, alternatively, require multiple sheaves to produce the same pulling force. Bending wire ropes produces uneven strand loading and internal friction leading to accelerated wear of expensive cables. The DEPS-76 is designed to maximize the working life of ropes. Service providers that couple properly engineered machinery with sound maintenance practices enhance on-site productivity realizing greater margins on each project.
No detail of Markey’s advanced A& R winch escaped the scrutiny of our engineers. They design with a 34:1 D:d ratio – substantially larger and far easier on the wire rope than the 20:1 D:d ratio of traction winch systems. The automatic fairleader withstands the breaking force of 4-3/4 inch (120mm) diameter wire. The drum-fairlead system carefully lays each adjacent wrap-protecting the exterior strands of the wire rope from abrasion. Sizing the drum to store the full scope of wire in 8 layers benefits the performance of the winch and minimizing wire point loading. To make the machine more versatile, our engineers designed a field bolt-on wire rope kit to adapt DEPS-76 grooved drum cores and sheaves to different wire diameters- if needed. This advanced A&R machine is optimized and custom for a single customer’s application and specifications.
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While visiting OTC, stop by the J.H. Menge, Incorporated’s booth (number 2401) for more information about radial piston motor, water cooling, and other options or to discuss your requirements in greater detail. Since 1907, Markey has designed, manufactured and supported its own brand of innovative and reliable deck machinery including Dive Support Vessel (DSV) Ocean Project’s integrated Four Point Mooring System. Tap into our 2 decades of experience working UHMPE lines using advanced Render/Recover controlled machinery.
Founded in 1907, Markey Machinery is the leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality custom deck machinery for workboat, scientific, and dockside applications. Markey products include towing, ship-assist, and escort winches; single or multi-drum and traction-style deep sea research winches; capstans, windlasses and other high performance machines. J.H. Menge and Griffin Associates represent Markey in the Gulf and East Coast regions, respectively. 
By Professional Mariner Staff