Kiddie Fire Systems makes automatic fire suppression available to smaller boats

The Sentinel Pro (components pictured above) and Sentinel systems both come with built-in fault and alarm indicators and diagnostic capabilities. Available only with the Sentinel Pro are mechanical siren and discharge delay capabilities.

(ASHLAND, MA – November 2, 2007) Kidde Fire Systems, a developer of fire detection and suppression systems, has announced its new SBS Fire Protection System for marine applications. Developed for use in small to medium sized recreational and commercial vessels, the SBS System is US Coast Guard approved, suitable for both gas and diesel powered vessels, and is offered in two basic configurations: the Sentinel and the Sentinel PRO, both customizable for specific applications.

The SBS Fire Protection System offers high-performance, clean agent fire suppression with optimized fire detection, fire suppression agent distribution and cylinder placement. It also features a patent-pending thermobulb heat detector, developed to react to the elevated temperature associated with machinery space fire.

The SBS System Series offers total flood fire suppression and discharges a gaseous clean agent into a protected space. The agent is stored under pressure as liquid and released into space as gas. The gas combines with the air to create an atmosphere that rapidly suppresses combustion. The fire suppression agent is fast acting and safe for people. Multiple agent cylinder sizes allow protection up to 4500 cubic feet

“Traditionally, engineered fire protection systems have been designed only for large applications, so boats less than 100 feet long have had fewer options for customized fire protection,” says Mike Donovan, a manager at Kidde Fire Systems. “Unlike the smaller packaged fire protection units traditionally associated with recreational and light commercial vessels, the SBS System combines the fire protection capability of a fully engineered system with the ease of an automatic extinguisher.”

By Professional Mariner Staff