Foss Maritime announces switch to ultra low sulfur diesel fuel

(SEATTLE, WA — November 1, 2007) Foss Maritime Company announced today that, effective immediately, its vessels are switching to ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSDF) from low sulfur diesel fuel, significantly reducing emissions of particulate matter and other pollutants.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and port officials in Seattle and Portland lauded Foss for taking an important step to reducing the air emissions in Elliott Bay, Puget Sound and the Columbia and Snake rivers. Foss’ voluntary switch to the cleaner fuel comes nearly five years in advance of an EPA decree for marine engines to use ULSDF by 2012.

Except in California, where the state already mandates use of ULSDF, most Foss vessels have been fueled by low sulfur diesel.  Foss will immediately switch to ULSDF for the remainder of its fleet, except in rare cases of refueling in remote locations where ultra low is not available.

Foss’s fuel switch to ultra low sulfur diesel from low sulfur diesel will reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by about 9 tons per year in the Seattle/Puget Sound region and 8 tons per year in the Columbia and Snake Rivers area including Portland.  

“Foss is stepping up to improve our air quality,” said Gary Faber, President and COO of Foss Maritime.  “The next time our tugs fill their tanks, it will be with ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, the cleanest diesel fuel on the market.  The maritime industry has to do its part.”

By Professional Mariner Staff