Blessey fleet to use Jeppesen information service for safer operation

Top, an example screen from the new Jeppesen Workboat Navigator software. Above, the product includes comprehensive 24/7 service and support.

(ENGLEWOOD, CO – October 30, 2007) Blessey Marine Services will deploy Jeppesen Workboat Navigator, a professional information service, across its fleet of 50 towboats.  This new offering from Jeppesen Marine was developed specifically for commercial vessels operating in coastal and inland waterways.

Jeppesen Workboat Navigator brings together numerous information sources to maximize situational awareness. It provides mariners with a combination of detailed vector-based digital marine charts, location-based data, and input from onboard sensors and cameras, as well as weekly data updates so charts remain current and other advanced features.


Based in Harahan, La., Blessey Marine Services serves the inland waterways of the Central United States, safely transporting its customers’ liquid products up and down the Mississippi and all of its navigable tributaries and canals.

“Jeppesen Marine’s focus on safety through technology aligned very well with our core 11-point safety philosophy,” said Clark Todd, Blessey president. “We believe firmly that providing our employees with the latest and best inland waterway navigation technologies from Jeppesen Marine will only serve to make our operation safer and more efficient.”

By Professional Mariner Staff