Jackson Offshore, Caterpillar partnering on hybrid offshore vessels

(NEW ORLEANS) — Jackson Offshore Operators (JOO) is partnering with Caterpillar Marine to pilot an integrated hybrid energy solution aimed at reduction of fuel consumption and diesel exhaust emissions. The companies will demonstrate the technology on JOO’s Thunder platform supply vessel, jointly working toward the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time optimizing the systems’ performance.

“Jackson Offshore is very excited to be partnering with Caterpillar in the development of an energy storage solution for our offshore vessels,” said Lee Jackson, president and chief executive officer of Jackson Offshore Operators. “The primary objective of this project is to generate long-term value to our clients as they seek to meet their carbon emissions reduction initiatives. Jackson Offshore is very serious about reducing carbon emissions and as such we are committed to being a key part of our client’s effort in emission reduction goals. Through this collaboration with Caterpillar, we will be able to continue to provide our industry leading quality of service while meaningfully reducing fuel consumption and carbon emission.”

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“This exciting opportunity comes at the intersection of two key industries served by Caterpillar: marine transportation and oil and gas,” said Brad Johnson, vice president of Caterpillar Marine. “We are very pleased to collaborate with Jackson Offshore on such innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact.”

Jackson Offshore and Caterpillar will work together on the hybrid energy solution through 2023 to enable implementation of the fuel-saving and emissions-reducing technology. Upon completion of the upgrade, the performance of Thunder will be monitored closely by both companies to further optimize energy use in dynamic positioning, transit and port operations.

Founded in 2011, Jackson Offshore Operators operates a fleet of fast supply crew vessels and offshore supply vessels in support of deepwater exploration and production for major oil and gas clients.

 – Jackson Offshore Operators

By Rich Miller