HELM course launched with MCA approval

The UK Enav Centre is pleased to announce their partnership with Total HLM Solutions to provide Human Element Leadership and Management (HELM) course at Management Level which is in line with the Manila Amendments 2010 at their training centre in Hampshire, UK. The course will be available to the maritime industry from June 10th 2013.
The HELM course is offered at two levels; a five day management level course for Masters and Chief Mates and later in the year a three day operational level course will be launched for newly qualified Officers and Officers under training from all branches.
Having only recently been established by the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB) the course profile provides ample opportunity to expand on the leadership, management and human aspects of life both at sea and ashore. Unlike previous courses that encompass the leadership and management arena (Bridge Team Management and Bridge Resource Management), the HELM course also includes engineering officers in its mandate, and focuses on the non-technical aspects of these challenging professions.

 “We are delighted to be writing and delivering a HELM course in such an exciting and dynamic facility. We believe this course marks a key stage in the development of training for all maritime deck and engineering officers,” said Ben Howard, Director of Total HLM Solutions. “The aviation sector has had three decades building on lessons learnt from human factors, command and leadership training, many of which are directly translatable into the marine sector. This is what we will distil, and teach, with the help of ECDIS Ltd.”
According to fellow Director, Julian Tubb, the focus for Total HLM Solutions has always been to provide a peerless product for our clients, and this HELM course will be no different.
“Drawing on the experience of senior management in several of the UK’s leading airlines and charter companies, I believe that our HELM course, developed in conjunction with ECDIS Ltd, will revolutionise the way the Maritime industry is led and managed,” he said.
Mark Broster, Managing Director, adds: “this is a way of transferring a well established and proven training course within the aviation industry into a maritime environment enabling mariners to reach beyond expectations within their roles onboard. It is great to announce that it has been approved by the MCA, and in my opinion it is undoubtedly one the most comprehensive HELM courses out there.”

The Enav Centre
The Enav Centre supports the provision of maritime training courses. In the pursuit of maritime excellence they offer a diverse portfolio of bridge related courses, such as BPC, BRM and BTM courses, and additional courses such as Human Element Leadership and Management as well as Anti-Piracy. Courses combine high quality instruction with state of the art technology in the form of a brand new Full Mission Simulator (FMS) to achieve a new standard of realism for bridge teams. They also specialize in tailoring courses to meet the demands of the customer. The Enav Centre is the home of ECDIS Ltd (the world’s trusted ECDIS training provider), WECDIS and ECDIS Regs. The facility is often also hired out for external maritime training courses.
Total HLM Solutions
Total HLM Solutions is a consultancy specialising in all aspects of leadership, management and human factors training. With over 35 years combined training and management experience, both at sea and in the air, the company delivers a variety of tailored solutions for companies in dynamic environments. Whether striving for continuous improvement or specific problem solving, it can provide advice, courses and training programs to suit.

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By Professional Mariner Staff