Harvey Bisso launches subsea venture

The portable SAT System will be deployed from the HARVEY DISCOVERY.

HOUSTON (Oct. 15, 2009) – HARVEY BISSO SUBSEA (www.harveybissosubsea.com ) has launched operations to provide subsea services to the energy and maritime industries. The new subsea venture combines the expertise, resources and experience of BISSO MARINE and HARVEY GULF INTERNATIONAL MARINE

The centerpiece of the venture is a new, fully-classed 12-man Saturation Diving System with a working depth of 1,000 feet (300 meters). The portable SAT system will be deployed from the HARVEY DISCOVERY, a 265 x 58-foot, DP2 certified multi-purpose support vessel outfitted with a 65-ton crane and moon pool. The vessel provides accommodations for up to 53.

“This new venture is a perfect fit for both companies and gives us the opportunity to provide a wider range of subsea services to our respective clients,†said Shane J. Guidry, chairman and chief executive officer of HARVEY GULF. “Both companies focus on providing value to our customers through tailoring our services to meet their needs and performing those services with the utmost commitment to safety.â€

The portable SAT System will be deployed from the HARVEY DISCOVERY.

The new SAT System features a gas reclaim system, which allows expelled gases to be circulated and recycled. It has a dual-lock, six-man deck decompression chamber, a 12-man launch-able flyaway hyperbaric rescue chamber, a dual-lock, six-man come-out chamber and a three-man diving bell.

The SAT System is installed on the HARVEY DISCOVERY.

“This SAT System expands our working depth and fully maximizes our productive bottom time. Combined with HARVEY GULF’s dynamically positioned vessel, we can provide maximized safety and an even greater level of diving services to our clients worldwide,†said W.A. “Beau†Bisso IV, president and chief executive officer of BISSO MARINE.

The portable diving system has a bell launch and recovery system, a saturation dive control van and two machinery vans. It has a 12-ton main bell winch and a six-ton guide wire winch. The bell umbilical is 1,150 feet long and the bell handling system is a hydraulically actuated A-frame. The system is fully classed by ABS and IMCA compliant.

The SAT System is installed on the HARVEY DISCOVERY.

Since 1890, BISSO MARINE has provided quality services to the marine and energy industries, offering marine construction, pipe laying, salvage, heavy lift and diving services. With offices and strategic alliances located across the Gulf Coast, South America, Europe and Asia, the BISSO MARINE fleet is uniquely positioned to provide a full range of maritime services and emergency response across the globe. For more information, please visit here.

HARVEY GULF INTERNATIONAL MARINE is a privately owned and operated marine transportation company. Founded in 1955, HARVEY GULF is a marine transportation company that specializes in towing drilling rigs and providing offshore supply and multi-purpose dive support vessels for deepwater operations in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. For more information, please visit here.

By Professional Mariner Staff