Fishing vessel holed in collision with unlit, drifting work boat

The following is the text of a press release issued by the U.S. Coast Guard:
(SANTA ROSE ISLAND, Calif.) — Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles-Long Beach received a radio call at approximately 3 A.M. from the fishing vessel Mirage reporting that it had collided with a work boat in Beechers Bay at Santa Rosa Island Tuesday.

The work boat was reportedly unlit and adrift at the time of the incident. Fishing vessel Mirage was on an overnight fishing trip with 25 passengers on board at the time.

The Mirage reported having a hole in their hull near the bow 2.5 feet above the water line. Temporary repairs were made to the vessel by the crew.

A 47-foot life boat from Station Channel Islands Harbor is escorting the vessel back to its homeport of Ventura.

A broadcast is being transmitted warning vessels transiting the area of the drifting work boat.

By Professional Mariner Staff