Deadline looms for lifeboat hook replacement

The following is text of a news release from Norsafe:

(ARENDAL, Norway) — Norsafe, a global life-saving appliance (LSA) manufacturer, has advised the industry that it needs to ensure that all ships’ on-load LSA release mechanisms comply with SOLAS Resolution MSC.317(89) by July 1, 2019.

In some instances, this may mean that a lifeboat’s release and retrieval system needs to be modified or replaced on or before that date, normally at the next scheduled dry-docking, as only hooks certified and tested in compliance with the aforementioned SOLAS resolution and named in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) GISIS database will be allowed on any lifeboat with on-load hooks.

Norsafe’s on-load hook release system, called the TOR MK2, complies with all SOLAS regulations and the LSA code. It has been designed with three main priorities in mind; minimal maintenance, high safety precautions and simplicity of use. A key feature is a yellow padlock sign, visible on both sides of the hook, which indicates that the hook is set and the release cables are correctly located.
The cables are arranged so that even if the hook is incorrectly reset, and the release handle is forced, the cables are protected from being stretched or damaged.
In addition, the on-load release activation requires four physical actions to be performed which provides a significant safety barrier against premature on-load release.

By Professional Mariner Staff