Clipper Tankers Chooses KVH for Affordable, Reliable Satellite Communications

In an increasingly wireless, mobile world, reliable satellite communications are crucial for commercial tankers. Broadband connections offer fleets the functionality of land-based offices, with easy access to technical support, instant communication with port authorities, and invaluable resources for improving crew morale and retention.

What: Clipper Tankers uses the TracPhone V7® and mini-VSAT Broadbandsm service on 22 of their ships to increase their functionality in a variety of ways, including reduced maintenance costs and crew morale.

Business Implications: “We chose to switch to mini-VSAT Broadband because it is a more affordable solution and also offers us more advantages for support and crew retention,†– Michael Mark, vessel IT manager for Clipper Group. The TracPhone V7 and mini-VSAT Broadband service are a cost-effective addition to the Clipper fleet’s communications solution. Clipper’s crew members enjoy the luxury of reliable communication with the outside world and the security of an always-on broadband connection. Clipper benefits from enhanced business communications tools along with significant savings and other improvements over their previous solution.

By Professional Mariner Staff