Bjørge Marine Automation launches SMARTLink™ Service Module

Condition Based Maintenance | Norwegian-based Bjørge Marine Automation (BMA) has recently launched a service module for its renowned SMARTChief® II Alarm & Control System with a direct link to shore-based service engineers. SMARTLinkâ„¢ empowers the service engineers or the operator of the vessel to remotely and real-time interface with the alarm system for system status, support the vessel’s engineers remotely as well as assess the vessels overall condition.

In order to enable remotely performed service, a SMARTLinkâ„¢computer is added and integrated with the SMARTChief® II system with a redundant network connection (same principle as the main SMARTChief® II system onboard), but with an extra network connection to the ship’s network as well. This means that the engineer is able to connect to the onboard SMARTChief® II system, typically with a Remote Desktop connection from the office, enabling access to the same screens and information as those onboard the ship.

Provided that access to the Internet is available, service engineers can connect directly to the vessel from BMA’s own service centre and perform real-time service and status checks of the system remotely. BMA can assist by offering advice in terms of the most appropriate response for the alarm in question and performs changes and upgrades to the SMARTChief® II as required.

Possible hardware tests and changes can subsequently be performed by the onboard crew themselves after consulting BMA engineers, reducing the owners service costs.

To further assist the crew in becoming competent in the safe operation and maintenance of the SMARTChief® product range, Bjørge Marine Automation has also launched the SMARTAcademyâ„¢, an in-house training facility equipped with an operational SMARTChief® range of systems. A vessel’s technical crew attends a 2 day training course at Bjørge Marine Automation’s main factory where they are introduced to the system’s key principles, system maintenance, as well as its full potential and operational benefits, also with the aim of minimizing the vessels operational costs.

By Professional Mariner Staff