American Salvage Association elects new leaders

(WASHINGTON, DC –- October 12, 2007) The American Salvage Association (ASA) has announced the election of John A. Witte, Jr. as its president for the 2007-2009 term. Witte, who also acts as executive vice president of Donjon Marine Co., will succeed George Wittich, president of the association since 2005 and vice president of American Marine Corp.
Mauricio Garrido is ASA’s new vice president, with experience as managing director of the Crowley’s salvage unit, Titan. Tim Beaver, president of Global Diving & Salvage Inc., is ASA’s newl secretary/treasurer.
New members of ASA’s Executive Committee include James Calhoun of Bisso Marine, Paul Hankins of Donjon-SMIT, Charles Usher of Marine Pollution Control, and Ken Edgar of Marine Response Consultant.
“We look forward to great things from the slate of incoming leaders to ASA,” said John A. Witte, Jr. “Among the areas the ASA will focus on throughout this year and beyond are the status of the still pending U.S. maritime salvage regulations, the Quality Partnership agreement between ASA and the U.S. Coast Guard, responder immunity, and the salvors’ role in environmental protection and maritime security,” Witte said.

By Professional Mariner Staff