White House unveils US maritime cybersecurity plan


(WASHINGTON) — President Trump has released the National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan, which sets forth how the United States government will defend the American economy through enhanced cybersecurity coordination, policies and practices, aimed at mitigating risks to the maritime subsector, promoting prosperity through information and intelligence sharing, and preserving and increasing the nation’s cyberworkforce.

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Trump designated the cybersecurity of the Maritime Transportation System (MTS) as a top priority for national defense, homeland security, and economic competitiveness in the 2017 National Security Strategy. The MTS contributes to one quarter of the U.S. gross domestic product, or approximately $5.4 trillion. MTS operators are increasingly reliant on information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to maximize the reliability and efficiency of maritime commerce. This plan articulates how the U.S. government can buy down the potential catastrophic risks to our national security and economic prosperity created by technology innovations to strengthen maritime commerce efficiency and reliability.

The National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan unifies maritime cybersecurity resources, stakeholders, and initiatives to aggressively mitigate current and near-term maritime cyberspace threats and vulnerabilities while complementing the National Strategy for Maritime Security. The plan identifies government priority actions to close maritime cybersecurity gaps and vulnerabilities over the next five years.

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– National Security Council

By Professional Mariner Staff