Wesmar adds ‘get-home system’ to its product line

(WOODINVILLE, WA –- September 19, 2007) Wesmar, a U.S. manufacturer of bow and stern thrusters, roll fin stabilizers and hydraulic systems has announced it has purchased patent rights to manufacture and sell the Auxiliary Propulsion Unit (APU) patented by inventor Ronald Voegeli of Oak Harbor, Washington.
Formerly called the BAT Drive, the APU is a unique auxiliary drive ‘get-home system,’ which uses hydraulic power from the ship’s generator to drive the propeller shaft, should an engine failure occur. It is a safety device for boaters who lose their transmission or engine and need a way to ‘get home.’

“With relatively minor cost, the generator becomes the redundant engine. The unit is attached permanently on the propeller shaft and for immediate use should that emergency happen,” said WESMAR Owner Bruce Blakey.

WESMAR will begin manufacturing and distributing the equipment under Voegeli’s patent this month. Production of the new systems is taking place in the company’s 82,000 square foot facility in Woodinville, WA.
Ron Voegeli is a design engineer with over 40 patents to his name. He has spent much of his life in the marine field in boat and boat equipment manufacturing and as an inventor of boating equipment. In 2005 the BAT drive system was runner up to an IBEX Product of the Year award, displaced from first by one of Voegeli’s other designs.

By Professional Mariner Staff