Wartsila, Silverstream partner on deployment of air lubrication technology

(LONDON) — The technology group Wartsila and Silverstream Technologies, a leading air lubrication solution provider, have signed a license and co-operation agreement for future sales and servicing of the Silverstream System. As an authorized sales and service partner, Wartsila intends to fully integrate Silverstream’s air lubrication system within its propulsion solutions. 

By offering the Silverstream System as an integral part of Wartsila’s propulsion solution for newbuild vessels, compliance with the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) will be further improved. Under the agreement, the Silverstream System will also be available through Wartsila's sales channels for retrofit installations on existing vessels where Wartsila is a primary solution provider. The integrated Silverstream System is expected to realise synergies in capital and operational savings across the propulsion chain by increasing fuel efficiency, and optimising engine loading. 

This new collaborative partnership will accelerate the deployment of air lubrication systems across all vessel classes, from small bulk vessels to the largest container ships. By combining Wartsila’s propulsion expertise and Silverstream’s innovative engineering knowledge, access to this clean technology will be facilitated across the market. 

Going forward, the collaboration agreement will enable current and future Silverstream customers to access Wartsila’s global service network for the maintenance of their Silverstream System installations. Wartsila's network of service centers, workshops, and service professionals is the most extensive in the maritime industry, with 4,500 field service professionals located in 70 countries around the world.  

The agreement means that more ship owners will have easy access to Silverstream’s proven air lubrication technology. The system has been proven to reduce fuel burn and associated emissions by 5 to 10 percent, depending on vessel type.

The Silverstream System creates a carpet of microbubbles that coat the entire flat bottom of the vessel. This carpet reduces frictional resistance between the hull and the water, dramatically reducing fuel consumption and related emissions. The technology works in all maritime conditions, is not weather dependent, and does not constrain or negatively impact the normal operational profile of the vessel.

By Professional Mariner Staff