Wallem Group chooses BASSnet fleet management systems

(HONG KONG and OSLO, Norway) — As a core backbone for its vision to be the leading provider of technology-driven maritime solutions, the Wallem Group has chosen BASSnet fleet management systems.

The signing of Wallem marks a key milestone for BASS, signaling a wider move to complete enterprise solutions in the maritime industry as a means to effectively standardize ship processes. Wallem has chosen to use BASSnet as a total solution for maintenance, safety, operational and financial management, among others, on a fleet-wide basis.

“Having run several maritime software companies and considering the complexities of operations, compliance and the regulatory environment, I was keen to not reinvent the wheel,” said Frank Coles, CEO of Wallem Group. “We have chosen to install a cloud-based COTS solution, without customization. Exactly how digitalization is supposed to be done.  We are going to defy the myth that ship operations and management needs to be different, or somehow special. It does not need all the disparate or heavily customized homegrown systems. This is the stuff of myths created by a lack of understanding and/or old-fashioned operational beliefs and techniques.”

Coles concluded, “In my view, offering transparency, analytics and business intelligence is the way forward for high-performance fleet management, and implementing a complete enterprise solution from BASSnet will allow us to integrate the power of big data with our business processes. We are going to walk the talk.”

“BASSnet … is a complete solution that removes the reliance on multiple vendors for piecemeal software,” said Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO and managing director of BASS. “We have prioritized a well-thought-out strategy that is forward-looking, comprehensive and puts BASSnet in a unique position. This includes the incredible convenience and security of managing an entire fleet using a single database on a state of the art platform.”

For more information, visit www.wallem.com and www.bassnet.no.

By Professional Mariner Staff