Vietnamese pilots train at MSRC in Quebec


(QUEBEC CITY) — Members of the Vietnamese Newport Pilot Ltd. Co. recently received pilot simulation training at the Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre based in Quebec City.

The pilots attended three different sessions of the two-day Emergency Shiphandling Procedures for Pilots course. All the arrangements for the training were made with TANCANG-STC Human Resource Development Co., a subsidiary of Saigon Newport Corp. Newport Pilot Ltd. Co. is also a subsidiary of Saigon Newport Corp.

The course, taught by pilots, for pilots, covers standard emergency maneuvers, emergency stops, turns, as well as the use of anchors. Hands-on experience is given in various emergency situations, such as engine problems, steering problems, potential collisions, and stranding situations, etc.

Brief theoretical explanations of scenarios were given, followed by exercises on the multidisciplinary navigation simulator. Capts. Pascal Rheaume and Benoit Nayet of MSRC’s parent company the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots, and MSRC’s operator Capt. Francis Bigue-Morel were the instructors.

At the request of the client, which is often the case with other pilot training organizations, MSRC also organized extra activities after the training. The pilots met with the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots representatives at their headquarters as well as with the Quebec Port Authority representatives at the port. They also took in sightseeing in the historic and modern city of Quebec.

Commenting on the outcome of the training sessions, Capt. Vu Van Bien, director of the Newport Pilot Ltd. Co., said, “The aim of this course was to update and refresh the necessary knowledge to ensure optimal execution of the various procedures used during emergency maneuvers, and the goal was attained. The instruction was tailored with circumstances and situations that pilots find themselves faced on regular basis.”

MSRC Director Paul Racicot added, “We are very impressed and flattered at the same time that these pilots made such a long journey to attend training with us.”

MSRC has been giving the same training program to numerous other pilotage groups since its inception.

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By Professional Mariner Staff