Ulven Companies announces Brent Nasset as general manager

The Ulven Companies are pleased to announce Brent Nasset as the General Manager of their Skookum business unit. In this position at TUC, Brent will be responsible for overall leadership in all functional areas of the business, establishing business objectives, maintaining quality standards, developing new product lines, and continuous improvements utilizing LEAN manufacturing methodologies.
Tammy Sievers, Director of Human Resources at Ulven said, “Brent joined our team in March as the Engineering Manager and has since moved to the General Manager position.  In a privately held business setting it is vitally important to not only have the skills required for the position but to also be a great cultural fit and we feel Brent is that person. ” Skookum is seeking expansion of their product lines and markets in the near future and Brent will be leading the way on this front.
Brent received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University. His experience includes leadership roles at Warn Industries and most recently at Jewell Attachments.  Brent’s leadership experience began in Engineering and branched out into Operations Management.
The Ulven Companies have been in the forging industry for over 40 years – starting with the creation of Ulven Forging, Inc. in 1971. The Ulven Companies now comprise a group of four different American companies and are privately held. Each company has its unique set of process capabilities in different areas of the industry and is known for bringing high quality, cost-effective products to its customers with reliability and integrity.

By Professional Mariner Staff