TY Offshore Launches FMT 3256, the Eighth of Eighteen FMT Industries Barges

Gulfport, Mississippi: TY Offshore, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of FMT 3256, the eighth of eighteen 297’6” x 54’ x 12’, 30,000 barrel tank barges for FMT Industries, LLC, one of the several companies within the Florida Marine Group (Florida Marine). FMT Industries has recently exercised its option for four additional barges from its original order of ten. The barges are being built at TY Offshore’s Gulfport, Mississippi facility. Additional barge launches will follow at thirty day intervals.
TY Offshore continues to set a remarkable pace with builds, orders and milestones:

Total of six (6) Harvey Gulf International 302’ x 64’ (92m x 19.5m) Dual Fuel Supply Vessels, Harvey Gulf having exercised its option for three (3) additional DFSVs from its original order of three (3).

Two (2) of a total order of ten (10) 90’ (27m ) MK V patrol boats are also under construction, eight (8) having already been delivered.

Up to fifteen (15) 42’ waterjet propelled aluminum hull/composite superstructure crewboats under construction.

In early 2012, TY Offshore delivered two (2) Signet Maritime Corporation 100’ (30.48m) RAstar 3100 Class Terminal Support/Escort Tugs.

In response to the BP oil spill, TY Offshore delivered a total of twenty-three (23) oil recovery vessels.

By Professional Mariner Staff