Transas launches high-voltage training breaker

(HAMBURG, Germany) — Transas has launched a high-voltage training solution for marine engineering and electrical training in response to recently introduced STCW requirements in this field.

According to the new requirements, training has to be conducted using real equipment. In partnership with the power technology specialist ABB, Transas has developed a real hardware high-voltage generator breaker cabinet compatible with the Transas ERS 5000 TechSim simulators with high and medium voltage systems.

The Transas high-voltage training breaker is designed to train high-voltage switchboard operations, electricity and work planning, identification of hazards, emergency procedures, definition of circuit condition, and many other operations. It also allows to gain knowledge of circuits/power feeds/emergency shutdown and isolation devices, familiarise with company protocols, the use of high voltage test equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as to understand safety as a personal responsibility.

A complete safe removal and replacement procedure may be conducted for training and assessment. This includes both the mechanical and electrical isolation of the generator system prior to the start of work. All tools, test equipment and PPE required to carry out the operation are supplied with the breaker, including a breaker cart. For safety reasons, the presence of high voltages is simulated using low powered radio signals.

The first Transas high-voltage training breaker has been installed at the Center for Marine Engineer Officers and Chief Engineers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The full mission simulator for steam plants with high-voltage equipment was developed in full compliance with the latest STCW requirements and allows for advanced training and certification.

The Transas high-voltage training breaker will be presented at the 12th International Conference on Engine Room Simulators (ICERS12), the major event dedicated to technical training. ICERS12 will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on Nov. 19-21.

By Professional Mariner Staff