Transas helps develop maritime training market in Philippines

(HAMBURG, Germany) — The rapid growth and development of the Philippine maritime training market caused a dramatic increase in demand for state-of-the-art simulation systems compliant with the latest MARINA and CHED training requirements. Being a leading provider of the maritime simulation and training solutions, Transas is a logical choice for a most academies, colleges, and training centers in the Philippines.

In order to enhance its range of services offered to the MET organizations in the Philippines, Transas has partnered with Philippine Lifesaving Equipment Inc., a local company with vast experience in the maritime market. Together, the companies are providing training solutions for the Philippine market compliant with all international as well as local standards set by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). Various projects have already been successfully implemented, namely extension of the NTPRO 5000 simulator with the Transas ERS 5000 TechSim for the Mariana Maritime Center, the Far East Foundation Inc. and the Western Shipping training center in Manila, and installation of the navigational desktop workstations in addition to the Transas GMDSS simulator at the Mariner Polytechnic Legazpi campus.

Transas has also delivered new simulators for the Italian Maritime Academy Phils. Inc. The simulator complex includes NTPRO 5000 DNV Class A with 240 degrees visualization, NTPRO 5000 navigational desktop workstations, ERS 5000 TechSim Tanker LCCH full mission engine room and ERS classroom.

The Panglao-based Cristal e-College will be equipped with Transas bridge simulator system DNV Class A with 240 degrees visualization, and navigational simulator desktop workstations. A similar setup was also supplied to the Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation in Canaman.

Dell Supapo, president of Philippine Lifesaving Equipment Inc., said, “Being a key Transas partner in the Philippine maritime simulation market, we jointly pursue excellence in providing quality products and services to our valued customers in this market.”

By Professional Mariner Staff