Titan Salvage refloats grounded ferry near Cancun

The following is the text of a press release issued by Crowley Marine Services Inc.:
(POMPANO BEACH, Fla.) — TITAN Salvage reported today that it has successfully refloated a ferry, once grounded in a lagoon just north of Cancun, Mexico and redelivered her to her owners. 
The Arcangel, a 350-foot ferry that was no longer in service, was docked at Puerto Morelos when it was blown about a half-mile off its mooring during a severe winter storm in November 2007.  A 10-man team, which included TITAN salvage specialists and local Mexican labor, were contracted and began the salvage job on May 19, and the work was concluded a month later.   
According to Todd Busch, vice-president of TITAN, the Arcangel salvage project posed serious environmental concerns – all of which were successfully addressed by his team of salvage experts. 
The Arcangel was grounded on a fringing reef near a major barrier reef inside a national marine park which meant TITAN had to be especially careful when removing the vessel. 
Before using their signature TITAN pullers, or hydraulic linear pulling machines – the salvage team had to do some patching of the hull and transfer oil and waste water from the vessel to containers inside a barge to prevent any contamination in the environmentally-sensitive area. The team also had to transfer the ballast and remove some of the heavier items from the vessel. All these tasks were necessary to lighten the vessel and provide as much buoyancy as possible.  
“TITAN is always well aware of the existing environmental concerns with moving a laden vessel that has sat dormant for any period of time,” Busch said.   “But, part of our planning includes a thorough evaluation of the situation and planning to eradicate any lasting effects.” 
Salvage Master Colin Trepte directed the salvage team as they moved the vessel to a pier nearby Puerto Morelos. On Friday, the team stabilized the vessel and redelivered it to its owners. Rich Habib, director of salvage, and Mauricio Garrido, director of business development, were also on-site to support salvage operations.
TITAN, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crowley Marine Services, Inc. is a worldwide salvage company based in Pompano Beach, Fla. The company also has offices in Newhaven, UK and Singapore along with an equipment depot in Batam, Indonesia. Over the past 27 years, TITAN has performed more than 300 salvage and wreck removal projects worldwide. TITAN responds to vessel emergencies around the world and is accessible 24 hours a day through the company’s main dispatch telephone number, 954-545-4143. Additional information about TITAN may be found at www.titansalvage.com <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001VIR2s5YvIkGvJqLpjZjG7x3H6vRsaw6eP2Nwsiy9A6-BitGJ6sRsNdpZ2yc9OGLchM9xL0Y83VH4eisC8DET0BiDtpxhIJ-4vkqpsRby20ajW3ukWBY8cg==> .
Jacksonville-based Crowley Maritime Corporation, founded in San Francisco in 1892, is a privately held family and employee-owned company that provides diversified transportation and logistics services in domestic and international markets by means of six operating lines of business: Puerto Rico/Caribbean Liner Services, Latin America Liner Services, Logistics Services, Petroleum Services, Marine Services and Technical Services. Offered within these operating lines of business are the following services: liner container shipping, logistics, contract towing and transportation; ship assist and escort; energy support; salvage and emergency response; vessel management; vessel construction and naval architecture; government services, and petroleum and chemical transportation, distribution and sales. Additional information about Crowley its subsidiaries and business units may be found on the Internet at www.crowley.com <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001VIR2s5YvIkHuQJZuJsefnuMhD_11Pu1eIKqe5YFQLndsIyYHor3yfu-Q9fp69U8zAbtKjxEw8MOvwMuYnYVG-Gk8cP3mFEFm9iK5BrNUHsF-ANbBSi4CUQ==> .
By Professional Mariner Staff