TideSlide marks five years of mooring Alabama riverboat

(MONTGOMERY, Ala.) — While TideSlide Mooring Systems has assisted many municipality, commercial, industrial and military partners to moor their floating assets, each project showcases the system's strength and efficiency. This year, the city of Montgomery, Ala., and TideSlide celebrate five years of keeping Harriott II secured at dock.

When the city decided to purchase a riverboat for the downtown riverwalk, it chose the Harriott II. Capt. Jim Kittrell and TideSlide Mooring Systems were also selected to protect this investment on the flood-prone Alabama River.

"The Harriott II is a K-class passenger boat, a vessel that carries more than 150 passengers, and I believe she is the only one in Alabama. Her weight is over 500,000 pounds, owned by the city of Montgomery, Ala., and she is my responsibility," said Kittrell.

"The Alabama River is not tidal, which would make it predictable, but it can flood with only a few inches of rain. I have been the captain of the Harriott II for five years and have seen three 50-year floods, several action-stage floods and high water too many times to count. Yet, I sleep well on rainy nights knowing there is no need for me to adjust the breast lines."

Built for long-term use, TideSlides prevent inertial loading, increasing the overall strength and control of tie-up lines. The system's free vertical movement absorbs built-up energy, allowing vessels to be held safely and securely, especially in the presence of wind, waves and tides.

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By Professional Mariner Staff