Swift Water Rescue suit and vest available from Mustang Survival

The Swift Water Rescue
Dry Suit PRO

(VICTORIA, BC — October 18, 2007) Mustang Survival has combined the new Mustang Survival Swift Water Rescue Dry Suit PRO with the Force 6 Swift Water Rescue Flotation Vest to provide outstanding protection for Search and Rescue teams. The combination was unveiled today in Victoria at SARSCENE 2007, an event which brings together search and rescue experts from across Canada and around the world.

The design of the Swift Water Rescue Dry Suit PRO addresses the unique needs of swift water rescue. Its fitted design minimizes drag and fatigue, improves rescuer safety and effectiveness, and optimizes agility. Articulated padding and abrasion resistant materials increase protection from debris, improve rescuer safety and add durability.

Mustang Survival calls the Swift Water Rescue Vest, a personal flotation device, the perfect accompaniment to the Swift Water Rescue Dry Suit PRO. Featuring lightweight, rugged and durable materials, it is easy to swim with and doesn’t attract or hold dirt. The vest is available in an instructor model with removable front and back pockets and extrication leash.
According to Jim Lavalley, Managing Director/Master Rescue Instructor for Rescue Canada, “the new swift water rescue dry suit from Mustang is an outstanding choice for swift rescue professionals. In a rescue you want a suit that will be comfortable to wear, give you total mobility and keep you dry. This suit does all that and more.”
By Professional Mariner Staff