Maritime Administration partners with OSG to provide training opportunities

(CASTINE, ME — October 15, 2007) The Maritime Administration and Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc, (OSG) today signed an agreement that will provide training opportunities for American maritime academy cadets on board OSG’s international vessels.  

The public-private partnership is the first formal agreement to make available on-board training billets in the international fleet for U.S. maritime academy cadets.  Under the terms of the agreement, cadets from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and all six state maritime academies will be able to obtain work experience and training on board OSG vessels.  

Under international and national requirements, maritime academy cadets must serve at sea for an average of 300 days in order to obtain enough shipboard training for a merchant marine officer license.  This agreement will allow American cadets to obtain necessary at sea training.

“It is impossible for aspiring mariners to obtain a merchant marine officer license without sufficient sea service,” said Marine Administrator Sean T. Connaughton.  “This agreement will expand the opportunities for American cadets to train on one of the world’s largest and most modern commercial fleets.  We applaud OSG for taking this initiative.”

The signing
ceremony was held at the Maine Maritime Academy during the U.S. Maritime Academy Presidents’ annual meeting. Other state academies covered by the agreement are located in California, Great Lakes, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas.

“This agreement is important for OSG and the rest of the maritime industry,” said Captain Robert Johnston, head of shipping operations at OSG.  “The health of the entire marine transportation industry depends on the availability of trained and skilled merchant mariners.”

By Professional Mariner Staff