Donjon Marine removes wreck, salvages barges on Hudson

Donjon Marine completes the wreck removal and salvage of two lost barges on the Hudson River in early October.

(HILLSIDE, NJ — October 17, 2007) During early October 2007, Donjon Marine, a provider of marine services including marine salvage, heavy lift, and dredging, completed the salvage of the 1200-ton capacity aggregate barge B-2002 and the wreck removal of a similar sized aggregate barge, C-546.

Both barges were lost during transit on the Hudson River, in or around the Bear Mountain Bridge.

C-546 was declared a total loss and was removed from about 80 feet of water. C-546 was removed by chopping it into small sections via the “Chopper Beam” method of wreck removal.

B-2002 flipped and settled in an upside-down condition in about 25 feet of water. B-2002 was rolled and refloated with the use of Donjon’s Chesapeake 1000 and subsequently redelivered to owners for repair.

By Professional Mariner Staff