Study finds BAE hybrid system reduces towboat fuel use by 25 percent

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(ARLINGTON, Va.) — A recent study by M.J. Bradley & Associates found that BAE Systems' HybriGen Power system can provide significant fuel savings compared to a traditional auxiliary genset arrangement. In idle conditions, the system provided a 12 percent reduction in total towboat fuel use; while in river operations, the hybrid configuration averaged a 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption for hotel power generation.

On average for a typical 13-day round trip, it is estimated that the system could save more than 570 gallons compared against the baseline auxiliary genset. Assuming the vessel makes 26 round trips per year, total annual fuel savings could be more than 14,800 gallons.

In addition to the fuel savings, the hybrid system can also offer co-benefits, including maintenance savings (with auxiliary generators turned off), as well as reduced greenhouse gas and criteria pollutants. This analysis did not contemplate full life-cycle cost and emission savings possible using the HybriGen Power system.

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By Professional Mariner Staff