Stratos Global offers new Web-based vessel tracking service

The following is the text of a press release issued by Stratos Global Corp.:
(BETHESDA, Md.) -- Stratos Global     Corporation, the leading global provider of advanced mobile and fixed-site     remote communications solutions, today introduced StratosOceanView(TM), a     new web-based service that provides fleet managers with global fleet     communication monitoring and vessel tracking.     Available worldwide as a free service by the end of this month,     StratosOceanView provides a convenient, map-based view of each vessel's     location, heading, speed, satellite communication traffic data and contact     details on a single web page. The satellite communication traffic data     includes an overview of monthly Inmarsat and Iridium airtime costs and     AmosConnect mail queue information.     StratosOceanView is ideal for ship-management companies operating     fleets of all sizes, as well as ship owners and charter companies. Position     reporting is based on existing Inmarsat C DNID reporting.     Stratos is the largest supplier of mobile satellite services to the     maritime industry, with communications to more than 40,000 maritime     terminals worldwide.     "StratosOceanView is much more complete than similar     communication-monitoring services. It provides a wide range of critical     information in a single online interface. This eliminates the need to open     multiple applications to determine vessel positions and     fleet-communications details," said Stratos Maritime Marketing Manager     Michiel Meijer.     He added, "This new solution also gives fleet managers direct access to     The Stratos Advantage value-added services, which provide cost and traffic     control, firewall management, data optimization, high security options,     easy VPN access, messaging services and full IP range." The Stratos     Advantage services include Stratos Dashboard(TM), Stratos Trench(TM)     firewall and AmosConnect(TM) messaging for business and crew.     About Stratos     Stratos is the world's trusted leader for vital communications. With     more than a century of service, Stratos offers the most powerful and     extensive portfolio of remote communications solutions including mobile and     fixed satellite and microwave services. More than 20,000 customers use     Stratos products and industry-leading value-added services to optimize     communications performance. Stratos serves U.S. and international     government, military, first responder, NGO, oil and gas, industrial,     maritime, aeronautical, enterprise, and media users on seven continents and     across the world's oceans. For more information visit                    

By Professional Mariner Staff