SHOA signs derivation agreement with Jeppesen Marine

ENGLEWOOD, COLO., November 4, 2008 — Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy has signed an agreement with Jeppesen Marine for the use of their data in Jeppesen-derived products. The terms of the agreement allow Jeppesen Marine to use Chilean data in their new products. Further, the Chilean Hydrographic Office (SHOA) and Jeppesen Marine have agreed in principle to work together on the development of the first product version of Marine Pilotage Charts (MPCs) for Chilean waters. The development of the Chilean MPCs will include other significant stakeholders such as the Chilean Maritime Authority and the Pilot Association of Chile who will collectively contribute to the development of these procedural charts.
“This agreement is the first step in a true partnership between the highly respected Chilean HO and Jeppesen Marine. The forward looking attitude of the executives at SHOA, combined with a strong Jeppesen Marine team, will bring new navigation services to life,” says Michael Bergmann, Director Maritime Industry Safety-Affairs-Services. “We believe that MPCs will be the first of these new services and offers an innovative approach which will improve navigation safety for mariners including both the navigators of the vessels as well as the highly-respected Chilean pilots.”
About Jeppesen Marine Pilotage Charts 
Jeppesen Marine Pilotage Charts are a service offering of procedural passage plans designed to provide a quick and accurate reference to all of the needed information for safe transition of any given passage.  The charts borrow proven human factors concepts from Jeppesen’s aviation chart format which has been the industry standard for nearly 75 years.
The value of Jeppesen Marine Pilotage Charts lies in the consistent, easy-to-use format which provides operators with the ability to implement best practices which improve the safety, efficiency and bridge team communication during critical voyage phases.
Jeppesen Marine Pilotage Charts reduce bridge team workload by aggregating information into one easy-to-use source, and provide a basis for capturing and retaining valuable operational knowledge from experienced masters and make it available to all bridge teams.  The service is available in both paper and electronic format.
Jeppesen Marine is a market-leading provider of digital navigation solutions, based on worldwide vector chart data type approved to ISO19379, meteorological information and transmission technologies.  Through its wide range of products and services, Jeppesen Marine serves numerous markets from light marine, to today’s safety-conscious commercial shipping industry operating on the inland/coastal waterways as well as high seas. Jeppesen Marine is chartered with the same underlying values that launched Jeppesen in 1934 — improving safety and efficiency through innovative navigation solutions.
For more than 70 years Jeppesen has made it possible for pilots and their passengers to safely and efficiently reach their destinations.  Today this pioneering spirit continues as Jeppesen delivers essential information and optimization solutions to improve the efficiency of air, sea and rail operations around the globe.  Jeppesen is a subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, a unit of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Jeppesen corporate information is available online at
By Professional Mariner Staff