Sharrow Propeller's custom Model MX-1 now available

(PHILADELPHIA) — The long-awaited Sharrow Propeller Model MX-1, a patented new design that has a higher top-end speed and is considerably more fuel efficient than standard propeller designs, is now available.

The new Sharrow Propeller has many potential applications, but in particular, brings promising innovation to the recreational boating market as it represents the first major advancement in propeller design since the 1930s. Third-party testing of the Sharrow Propeller demonstrates that it is 9 to 15 percent more efficient than the industry standard Wageningen B-Series design. Sharrow’s design will enable higher top speed, better handling, reduced vibrations and a stronger propeller in general – resulting in less wear and tear on engines and substantial reduction in fuel costs.

The Sharrow Propeller Model MX-1 is specifically designed for high performance on sterndrives and outboard motors. It fits most outboards and sterndrives between 100 and 450 horsepower. Every Sharrow Propeller Model MX-1 is custom CNC machined. The propeller can be purchased through Sharrow Marine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharrow Engineering (

“This is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill propeller. Each Sharrow Propeller is custom manufactured and made to order. From start to finish, it takes several weeks just to produce one propeller,” said Sharrow Engineering President and CEO Greg Sharrow. “But the performance and efficiency improvements the MX-1 brings will be a game-changer for high-end boating enthusiasts.”

Sharrow Engineering has analyzed extensive testing data for the performance of its novel propeller collected at the University of Michigan’s Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory and implemented an in-water test program using manned vessels in lakes, rivers, and bays, including independent testing by

According to’s September 2019 review: “Our testing and our investigation into the prop’s development has convinced us that there is a new prop design that not only excelled in our tests but may well make many non-loop propellers obsolete.”

Advantages cited by and others of the new Sharrow Propeller Model MX-1include:

• Performs significantly better at idle
• Planes at a lower RPM
• Is faster at all RPM settings
• Gets significantly more miles per gallon at 3,000 and 3,500 RPM
• Is more fuel efficient at every speed through water setting
• Is as much as 18 percent more fuel efficient at 26-28 mph
• Produces the highest top speed
• Creates noticeably less vibration
• Is generally quieter
• Has superior handling in tight turns at high-speed
• Improves handling in reverse
• Provides the greatest range at all speeds

The Sharrow Propeller is available in aluminum and stainless steel and will fit most outboards and sterndrives between 100 and 450 hp. Instructions for selecting the correct pitch and diameter for your boat/motor configuration can be found at

By Professional Mariner Staff