See FloScan’s Revolutionary Software Solutions at the International WorkBoat Show

December 1 – 3, 2015   Booth #3210

If you operate a diesel-powered commercial vessel or fleet FloScan should be high on your list of companies to visit while attending the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans. FloScan, the world leader in fuel flow computers, has been providing systems to enhance economy of operation for over 40 years racking up an unmatched record of reliability and safety. By routing FloScan sensor data through our FloNET network module real time fuel burn data is available to insure any vessel is achieving the highest fuel economy under any load. The result is an immediate verifiable reduction in operating costs through reduced fuel consumption. But it’s the latest version of our proprietary DataLog software has inland fleet operators buzzing!

Inland fleets are required to track propulsion fuel consumption through specific geographic “tax zones” to comply with the Inland Waterways Revenue Act and FloScan DataLog is quickly becoming their new ally in achieving this. DataLog does it all automatically through a process called “geo-fencing” and provides instantly accessible reports that can be interfaced with your fleet operational software. It’s affordable, accurate and meets all requirements for tracking fuel use for regulatory purposes. DataLog with Geo-Fencing is FREE with the purchase of all FloScan FloNET fuel monitoring systems and there are no recurring licensing fees!

DataLog with Geo-Fencing is also the ideal program for tracking total vessel fuel consumption to provide accurate billing information for charters. With it you can show your clients that your company is operating its vessels in the most fuel efficient manner possible providing them with demonstrable cost savings.

All this data and much more is captured by DataLog and can be quickly retrieved directly from the system or via prescheduled broadcast email uploads to fleet operations for ease of access. It saves time and money, eliminates guesswork, and provides irrefutable evidence of how equipment was used in the field for tax, regulatory, legal and billing applications.  

FloScan systems have been at work on vessels around the world for over 40 years and have maintained an unmatched track record of safety, accuracy and dependability. FloScan systems can help you reduce overall fuel consumption, act as an early warning troubleshooting system during vessel operation, and now offers advanced software applications at no additional charge. No wonder FloScan is the industry leader in fuel computers and monitoring systems.

By Professional Mariner Staff