Sea Hawk Paints introduces online portal to document application

(CLEARWATER, Fla.) — Sea Hawk has announced the introduction of an online portal for Certified Paint Application Declaration (CPAD) documentation. A CPAD documents the application of the Sea Hawk antifouling paint that is applied by a Sea Hawk Paint certified boatyard/applicator.

The online portal enables Sea Hawk’s worldwide network of certified boatyards/applicators to document the application of Sea Hawk bottom paint and primers providing quick recall of paint application details like the application date, location of application and the certified boatyard/applicator who performed the work. The CPAD is unique to Sea Hawk as a value-added tool that gives vessel owners a complete overview of the work performed and the products applied for inclusion in their vessel maintenance logs.

Both the vessel owner and the Sea Hawk certified boatyard/applicator benefit from using the online portal to complete a CPAD. When a CPAD is submitted through the online portal the vessel owner and boatyard/applicator will instantly receive copies of the Certified Paint Applicator Declaration for their records via e-mail. The CPAD is completed by a Sea Hawk certified boatyard/applicator and records important facts about the bottom job including vessel/vessel owner details and boatyard/applicator details, boatyard/applicator recommendations, the date and details of work done including primer and paint application.

The online portal for CPAD can be accessed easily from the Resources pull-down tab on the Sea Hawk website,

By Professional Mariner Staff