Scienco/FAST honored for innovation in marine environmental technology

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(SUNSET HILLS, Mo.) — Scienco/FAST, a division of Bio-Microbics Inc., has been honored as a recipient of the 2015 AI Offshore Excellence Award for Innovation in Marine Environmental Technology. Scienco/FAST is committed to demonstrating environmental stewardship through providing superior sanitation and water management systems and for raising awareness of the impacts of wastewater in the waterways. This award represents the result of decades of experience to provide the best services to clients and why the MarineFAST environmental sanitation technology is considered by shipowners, shipbuilders, naval architects and chief engineers.

Scienco/FAST provides innovative wastewater and commercial water systems services that identify and assess conditions to improve existing systems and newbuilds. Each service Scienco/FAST provides is designed to help clients meet and exceed their regulatory, financial and sustainable challenges.  

“We started in the marine sewage treatment equipment design and manufacture over 40 years ago as part of a towboat and barge building company,” said Jim Predeau, general manager of operations, Scienco/FAST. “We were mainly involved in the inland waters during those early years. Since then, Scienco/FAST has expanded into ocean vessels and the offshore market. Today, thousands of systems consistently operate to keep vessels in compliance with stringent water quality regulations.”

After 40 years, the Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment (FAST) process has evolved into the state-of-the-art marine technology that it is today. FAST is a patented, proven process, where biodegrading micro-organisms become 'fixed' to the media and break down incoming organics and consume lesser bacteria and viruses. The system incorporates all the proven history and longevity of the MarineFAST process with better methods of sludge management and storage. The Scienco/FAST MarineFAST units treat both blackwater and graywater, which is required for commercial and inspected vessels operating on the Great Lakes and inspected vessels traveling the world. The technology manufactured by Scienco/FAST addresses both the organic loading and hydraulic loading without operation oversight and ideal for gravity flow or vacuum toilets.  

“We have units that are well over 30 years old and are still in operation today. We take great pride in the material selections, coating systems, and weld and assembly techniques to insure high quality,” said Predeau. “A large percentage of the sales come from repeat customers that own or have owned several of the units, and also those that are looking to replace a failing competing unit.“

Scienco/FAST marine sanitation devices (MSDs) and systems are installed on some of the "greenest" ships in the world. Per U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) standards (33 CFR Part 159), Type II MSDs produce effluent having fecal coliform bacteria no greater than 200 bacteria count or colony forming units (CFU) per 100 ml and TSS no greater than 150 mg/L; and comply with MARPOL Annex IV regulations for inspected vessels to prevent discharge of untreated sewage from vessels into the waters of the United States. All MSDs (whether Type I, II, or III) must be USCG certified for vessels with galleys and toilet facilities. These Type II MSDs treat sewage from the facilities and help lessen the environmental impact of contaminants to keep the vessel in compliance through changing regulations, including graywater discharges from commercial vessels.  

Scienco/FAST has several different models in stock to offer, depending on space allowed for installation, overall weight of operating unit, access for retrofit installations, and price. Every system is functionally tested with clean water before shipping to ensure performance and eliminate extended out of service issues.  

Speaking about the award, Bio-Microbics President Robert J. Rebori said: “It is with pleasure to receive the special honor of ‘Innovation in Marine Environmental Technology’ of the 2015 AI Offshore Excellence Awards. This is truly the best support and recognition given to the Scienco/FAST marine service team. I would like to thank AI Global Media Ltd., International Publishing Group, for granting us this honor which recognizes the continual efforts and improvement in marine environmental technology. I should also take this opportunity to thank every single employee of Scienco/FAST for their outstanding work and contributions to this achievement.”

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By Professional Mariner Staff