Rose Point introduces new services for ECS users

(REDMOND, Wash.) — Marine fleet operators can now keep electronic navigation publications up to date with U.S. Coast Guard carriage requirements via the Internet with the new, streamlined Rose Point Navigation Systems ECS services.

“The new features of Rose Point ECS services increase operational efficiency and safety,” commercial sales director John Cuttitte said. “As fleet operating costs rise, administrators and crews increasingly manage their vessels with an eye for efficiency. Navigation charts on Rose Point ECS already update automatically. But with the innovative Rose Point ECS services, electronic navigation publications and data are automatically downloaded and backed up, meeting USCG carriage requirements. This process occurs easily without the need to print, transport or store paper.”

With an Internet connection, fleet administrators can also view an accurate inventory of any equipped vessel’s publications and chart status through the new Rose Point ECS administration portal, creating a real-time fleetwide view.

“The new Rose Point ECS support services also extend our world-class telephone support to now include weekends — using a dedicated call-back phone number,” said Steven Hodgen, technical support manager. “Marine operators can cut costs, be more efficient and have a view of their fleet’s documents like never before.”

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By Professional Mariner Staff