Revolutionary System Replaces Diesel-Powered Generators

Imagine a system that does away with the diesel-powered generator on work vessels. A system capable of dramatically reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions because you no longer have to run a second engine to produce electrical power. A system that further reduces operating costs by negating the maintenance costs associated with running that engine. Stop imagining. It’s here!

After years of rigorous testing in the toughest marine environment on earth, the fishing grounds of the Bearing Sea, Gen-Tech Global is proud to introduce the world’s first hydraulically powered electrical generating system to the commercial marine industry.

The Gen-Tech System is revolutionary in concept and performance. Erling Skaar, owner of Gen-Tech who is also a commercial fishing boat owner and engineer, spent almost a decade in development and testing of the system with an international team of scientists and engineers. The goal was to provide reliable shipboard electrical power from a vessels main engine while burning a fraction of the fuel consumed by a diesel generator. The system they created is rugged, reliable and a major advance in reducing harmful emissions into the environment.

“The key to the Gen-Tech system was the development of the controller,†said Skaar. “It took a team of scientists over a year to develop the algorithms and write the software that allows the system to maintain the generators constant speed while reducing your overall fuel consumption. The resulting fuel savings not only reduce operating costs, but also makes a major contribution to the environment by reducing carbon emissions, a cause of acidification of ocean waters.â€

How effective is the Gen-Tech System at saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions?

Tests conducted by FloScan Instruments, the world leader in fuel computers for marine and generator applications, proved the designer’s claims.

“The results were remarkably consistent and clearly showed that the fuel savings realized through the use of the Gen-Tech System were significant,†said Joe Dydasco of FloScan. â€Its ability to reduce vessel operating costs and carbon emissions is nothing short of remarkable!â€

Developed for work boat applications, each Gen-Tech System is custom-designed for a vessel’s specific needs. Fishing vessels, tugs, research, cargo and even luxury vessels can be retrofitted with the system or our engineers can design a system for new constructions. Typical fuel savings on vessels that operate a minimum of 5,000 hours annually will pay for the system in approximately two years.

On its most recent cruise from Seattle, Washington to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, the 110’ F/V North American saved over $3,500 in fuel costs and reduced its carbon footprint by a staggering 24,000 lbs in just eight days with the Gen-Tech System! Imagine what those kinds of saving can mean to your bottom line.

To learn more about this revolutionary breakthrough in marine technology go to or contact Erling Skaar at GenTech Global, LLC headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA (Phone: 206-634-3399 Email: Do it for the savings. Do it for a greener environment. Green power – green return.

By Professional Mariner Staff