Remember the unions!

I just finished reading the August 2010 issue of Professional Mariner. In this issue, at the end of Kelly Sweeney’s column, you asked your readers for any tips on job searches. To begin with unions were never mentioned in the article ! I’m a retired 1600 GWT master, oceans, from the Seafarers International Union of North America and they have been on a recruiting campaign for several years that I know of. Why were they not even mentioned? They have one of the best if not the best training facility for entry level all the way to 1600 GWT master in the country. I’m not just talking about the deck department. The engine room and galley are well represented as well. The S.I.U., of course is not the only union out there and they too are looking for good men and women who are serious about a challenging career at sea and the one thing I can say is “the best money I ever made at sea was aboard a union ship”. Let us not forget to mention job security as well.

I do hope this message makes the cut and is added to the Web site’s ” Mariners Speak ” blog. The U.S. Merchant Fleet is under manned.
Bernard (Benny) Caires     

By Professional Mariner Staff