Radio Holland renews key airtime contracts on Great Lakes

(ROTTERDAM, Netherlands) — Recently, Radio Holland Canada and Radio Holland USA celebrated the renewals of key airtime contracts on the Great Lakes with Algoma Central Corp. (ACC), The CSL Group (CSL) and American Steamship Corp. (ASC).

Collectively, the three companies operate approximately 65 lakers which include tankers, self-loading and conventional bulk carriers. The companies signed initial agreements with Radio Holland in 2007. The new agreements include increased bandwidth to meet the growing needs for the companies’ business operations and crew welfare.

ACC, ASC and CSL have signed multi-year agreements with Radio Holland based on incorporating HTS (high throughput satellite) satellite coverage when available, and with fleetwide modem upgrades. The modem upgrades ensure that overall performance and throughput will substantially improve and the VSATs on board will have a higher uptime also during rain periods.

By Professional Mariner Staff