Penguin International selects FuelTrax as EFMS standard

Penguinflex 42x

(SPRING, Texas) — Penguin International Ltd., a leading aluminum high-speed craft designer, builder, owner and operator, has selected FuelTrax as its electronic fuel monitoring system (EFMS) solution provider for its Flex Fighter range of armored multi-role security boats.

The Singapore-based company will also install FuelTrax on its fleet of Flex-42X executive fast crew boats.

Recognizing the increased demand for EFMS by vessel owners and oil majors alike, Penguin is committed to providing the best EFMS solution on the market for its build-for-stock program. Commencing in July, all of Penguin’s Flex Fighters in its build-for-stock program will come standard with FuelTrax EFMS installed on board.

Penguin runs a self-funded build-for-stock program that features Flex crew boats and security boats and also undertakes owner-specific build-to-order and repair projects for a variety of high-speed crafts. Its Flex Fighter and Flex-42X designs have respectively become an industry standard for security boats and crew boats. Since 1995, Penguin has delivered close to 200 aluminum workboats, patrol craft, and passenger ferries to shipowners around the world, including over 120 of its proprietary-designed Flex series of security boats and crew boats.

Each FuelTrax EFMS installation onboard Penguin’s Flex series vessels will meet the stringent standards for EFMS designated by the growing number of charter mandates for oil majors globally.

“FuelTrax is extremely proud to be selected as the EFMS standard for Penguin, especially for their best-selling Flex series. This is an extraordinary craft, clearly tailored to meet the highest standard of service for oil majors,” said John Donovan, global operation director, FuelTrax. “With systems such as Uptime’s motion-compensated gangway, Humphree’s active ride control, and FuelTrax EFMS included as standard features, the Flex is setting even higher standards in safety, performance, and transparency in the market.”

FUELTRAX currently operates on board six Penguin Flexes, with another eight to 10 installations to be completed through 2019. As Penguin continues its build-for-stock program, this number is expected to increase by an additional 12 to 15 systems through 2020.

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By Professional Mariner Staff